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In the group classes we teach you “how” to teach your dog. We keep our classes small in order to offer you maximum personal attention. Group Classes come in a set of 8 lessons. Each lesson is planned in an organized fashion to build upon the previous lesson. At the beginning level we introduce dog and handler to the basic commands including; come when called, walking on a loose leash, sit, down, sit and down-stay, leave it, wait, and stand. Each team (dog and handler) is guided through individual challenges to attain the best possible results. We also introduce and work on the Canine Good Citizen exercises (sanctioned by the American Kennel Club).

After all of the basics have been mastered, we can guide you to further mastery of the basic commands by offering more challenging situations. This may include long distance stays with more distractions, following commands from a distance as well as preparation for going off leash with your dog. 

Each team is encouraged to master the highest level of learning while increasing the bond and communication between dog and handler.

Another great feature of the group class is that once you have paid and gone through it, you may return (free of charge) with your dog as many times as you wish for the life of the dog (to better learn something you just didn’t quite master or to merely brush up on commands.)


We also offer In-Home Consultations that can resolve problem behaviors the owner has been experiencing. This is an excellent venue when there are only a couple of problem issues.

This is also an excellent opportunity to start your new puppy or dog off on the right foot BEFORE problems appear and bad or undesirable habits have been formed. We can guide you in ways to help your new puppy or dog be a happy and well-adjusted member of your family. This is also an excellent step to take until your puppy is old enough to join the group class (generally around 4 months of age). 

This venue can also be invaluable when addressing more serious and distressing behaviors such as growling, biting, fighting amongst resident dogs, etc. Our goal in this particular instance will be to determine the “cause” of the problem behavior, determine how best to address it and set up a “plan of action” to follow in order to resolve the problem/problems. The In-Home Consultations are essentially one long lesson, generally lasting 1 ½ to 2 hours in duration.



We offer in-home lessons in groups of four or six. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson just as in the group class but is uniquely tailored to fit the individual dog, family, and environment. All the basic commands are taught just as in the group lessons but with added behaviors that may be especially useful in the owner’s personal environment and lifestyle. In-Home lessons offer an excellent opportunity to apply what the dog has learned to “real life” situations (down-stays while company comes to visit, sitting politely at the door when guests arrive, etc.). In addition to mastering the basic commands, home lessons can address problem behaviors that are unique to the owner’s environment (barking, chewing, digging, destructive behaviors, etc.). Included in the cost of In-Home Lessons is the 8 Group Lessons free of charge.

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We are always available for phone consultations free of charge and sometimes this is all that is needed to solve a simple problem behavior.



We also offer In-Kennel Training in our home environment when this venue is appropriate for both the dog and the owner.